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Canadian Linux nerd and game enthusiast
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This article is over a year old.


My time working with and testing EXYQ.

– All discord screenshots link to their original messages, and the message links require you to be in the EXYQ discord (discord thing). –

My experience

EXYQ is a general tech forum by the makers of

It has very few posts at the moment, but the admins are trying to make it bigger.

I found out about it right when it was announced. I often looked at it sometimes, and one night, registration was silently opened and I signed up. It was later closed again. The forum was quite barebones, and when I signed up, users could post in the news and rules forums. I am currently the 7th member.

Eventually the admin, Sloth, decided to give me EXYQ premium to test the CSS styles for the animated name gradients.

the premium name gradient he gave me (image taken from another user’s profile).

Now, premium access granted me access to upload to the Resources page.

The premium benefits.

I used this access to upload some joke resources, which have been removed.

I also contributed to the “rulebreak” thread (god that was stupid) as well as many others.


For a while I didn’t do much. Then I looked at the resources page and saw people were uploading bots and minecraft plugins, and I knew that to upload something, you needed mod/admin approval.

I decided to deliberately upload a stolen resource, in this case Modmail (great bot by the way). I took the description from the Github repository’s README file, and added appropriate links, and I made the download link point to the latest ZIP download of the master branch.

It actually got approved. So once that happened, I put out an update:

Wow this actually got approved?

The mods need to put more effort into vetting resources.

Now I was pretty stupefied considering how long it took to get the thing verified, but it was probably verified quickly, and the mods must have been offline most of the time.

I also made a test post seeing if there were any scanners on outbound links, as users could make pseudo-resources using posts.


It was removed for being a malicious post. But that caused the admin to implement a plugin scanning all file uploads with Virustotal. No, outbound links are not scanned, feel free to comment if that’s something you can help with. Sloth also reassured me any pseudo-resources would be removed.

I then created another update elaborating on my Modmail resource, and Sloth (the forum owner) quickly removed the resource. After that I proposed a scenario for the resource system to be exploited.


Then, he actually responded:


Joining the staff team

After this, he sent me a DM asking me if I wanted to be a mod.

I then joined the staff team, and here we are.

My thoughts

So far, EXYQ seems interesting, I feel more people will stick to though (which is getting a redesign, it’ll stick around).

It might just be another generic tech forum. It might succeed, it might fail. Regardless of what happens, I’ll be in for the long run. I like the community, and the forum has a future.

How ironic considering Sloth wanted EXYQ to die with him.

So Sloth, if you’re reading this, keep going. The forum will experience some success, however small.


Thanks for reading my first post on my new blog! Feel free to read the rest of the posts, which are my best posts ported from my old hashnode blog (for now).

Sorry this is a bit shorter, there’s just less to talk about as these events are so new.

On a side note, EXYQ is currently looking for donators and partners to make exclusive resources (you’ll get premium for free).

The End

Thank you for reading this. It is important I tell you that Sloth passed away on the 27th of October 2023.

The EXYQ community is shaken by this loss.

🕊 Rest in peace Sloth. (DeadBush made this)

Sloth’s suicide note: