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Places you can reach me.
  1. Email

    No spam please.

    You can reach me below, my email is [email protected].

    Email me
  2. PGP Key

    Encrypted mailings

    My current PGP key can be seen below.

    I do not use keyservers, any keys there are not really mine. If you wish to talk to me, send me your key.

    Download my PGP key   View my PGP key
  3. Github

    My weird shit dumping ground

    My github profile is linked below, you can see what I've put on it here.

    Go there
  4. Mastodon

    I post here sometimes

    Check it out if you want, I'm considering moving to the glitch-soc or Chuckya forks (or using Sharkey).

    Go there
  5. Discord

    Shitpost central

    You can see my profile I guess.

    Go there
  6. Element


    Encrypted chats for all

    Contact me.

    Go there
  7. Telegram

    Doxxer's Den

    I did hide my phone number.

    Contact Me


    not checked

    Discord but FOSS and lacking features.

    My username is Asterisk#8010.
  9. Twitch

    I sometimes stream

    Check me out here on the offchance I ever do a glorified screenshare.

    Go there
  10. YouTube

    My weird videos

    I sometimes upload here.

    Go there
  11. PeerTube


    My YouTube channel, but on the Fediverse!

    It's really cool.

    Go there

    Shit games ahead

    I warned you.

    Go there
  13. Steam

    My PC gaming stats


    Go there